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If you are looking for a locksmith you have come to the right place we are a team of mobile locksmith servicing the Maryland and Merrylands West area. When it comes to locksmithing not all locksmiths operate on a 24 hour of cycle, our locksmiths operate 24 hours a day seven days a week which is important especially when you need a locksmith in the middle of the night or late on a weekend.Locksmith Merrylands Sydney 0422 707 100

What makes our locksmiths stand apart from other locksmith is that we are a team of fully qualified locksmiths who have been trained in Sydney Australia and all out locksmiths have done a four-year course to obtain our locksmith qualification, not to mention all of our staff have completed for you apprenticeships and they also are licensed and insured. We take a professional approach to locksmithing and aimed to give some of the fastest possible responses in the Maryland area.

When it comes to locksmiths not all locksmiths are local to the Maryland area, although we are not physically located in Maryland is we are located in Parramatta which is only minutes away from Marylands. We also have other locksmith staff which are part of the company which are located in places such as Guildford the Hills district and Rydalmere between our fleet of locksmiths we are able to attend to any call for our service in the fastest possible time because we have five locksmith on the road which are always rotating in the local area.

When it comes to price our locksmith service is reasonably priced we are not the cheapest locksmith in the industry, our prices are competitive if not cheaper than most. When it comes to service you get what you pay for, so be wary of any locksmith offering a ridiculously cheap price as you might find their service and quality is not as expected.

When you have a professional trades person such as a locksmith you can tell if they are a quality person I how they do their job if they clean up after themselves and also if they do their job in a tidy and efficient manner. These are all important factors, our locksmiths do not only do they do locks; they also tidy up after themselves, making our locksmith service easy and pleasant to use.

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Service Locations

some of service locations we service are generally within a 5 to 10 a radius of the Parramatta district, from time to time our locksmiths do need to travel outside of the area but generally speaking we try and stay local is much is possible so that we can provide service to our regular local customers and also allows to be one of the faster locksmiths in town.

Marylands - Maryland is located right next door to Parramatta. Our locksmiths are always and Merrylands area because of the large amount of units and also the large amount of locks that need servicing. On a daily basis our locksmiths might travel through Maryland is 3 to 4 times a day at all different times of the day. There is a strong possibility we will have a locksmith not far away should you need any lock will key work in Merrylands area. Also our locksmiths commonly eat in Maryland is because of the wide variety of food that they have, our locksmiths are very fond of the kebabs shops on Merrylands Road not to mention the sweet shop which sells some the best suites in town.

Parramatta - Because we are located in Parramatta our locksmiths work around Parramatta and service to local area Parramatta is where we are based and Parramatta is where we do majority of our work. Parramatta is also known as the second city in Sydney. It is often hard to find a park in Parramatta and is often congested full of traffic that our locksmiths are used too. We know our local area and are able to travel around the local area in a fast and efficient fashion because of our local knowledge. We have built up a strong reputation strata managers and local businesses in the Parramatta area and we aim to be the business of choice in the Parramatta district.

Holroyd - Holroyd is located on the outskirts of Marylands and not only does it have some new developments and some great new buildings it also has a nice park and wetland area which is great for Sunday barbecues. Our locksmiths visit the Holroyd area a few times per week, of you do live in the area you will get comfort in knowing that the operator your speaker with knows the Merrylands and Holroyd areas very well, so you can easily explain where you are, and our locksmith will know where you are located and speaking about.

Merrylands West  - Merrylands West is part of the Merrylands district and once again our locksmiths are familiar with this area as we do a lot of work up-and-down Merrylands Road. We have had to attend to hundreds of jobs in this area in the past year alone, because of the amount of units and people that lose keys of brake keys, so if you too need a locksmith in Merrylands West, keep our service in mind.

Services Our Locksmiths Provide

Lockout Service…This is a service for people that leave their home our unit and forget to take the keys, Locks no only keep bad people out, sometimes they keep owners or residents out too. It’s quite easy to rush outside the door and forget to take keys or take the wrong keys. It’s not worth climbing threw windows, or braking windows. The best way to get back inside your place is to call one of our locksmiths in Merrylands. We will have you back inside fast. Our locksmiths is available 24 hours a day and that is 7 days a week. We are one of the few locksmiths that provide a true 24 hour locksmith Merrylands service that you can rely on even in the middle of the night.

Change Locks - If you have just moved into a new unit or house, the first thing you should do before moving in your belongings is call a Marylands Locksmith to come and change your locks. You have no way of knowing who has keys or who they have passed those keys to. Even years later people you don’t know may have keys that work your property. Our locksmith can come to your place and re-code your current locks to suit a fresh new key. Re-coding your locks is much better then installing new locks because of the price. To re-code locks the price starts from $33 + service call, to install a new deadlock the price starts from $220 for a deadbolt lock. Save time and money by having your locks re-coded by our Locksmith Merrylands service when you next move into a new place in the Merrylands area. If your locks are relatively new and working well, re-coding your lock is the best choice

Install New Locks – Installing new deadlocks and new locks is all part of what our locksmiths do, if you feel you would like more security and would like an additional lock installed, call our locksmith on the number above, who can advise you of the best lock to suit your needs and provide you a price over the phone. Upgrading your locks is the best way to keep you home security strong and up to date. You cannot expect a 20-30 year old lock to provide good security and easy usability after all those years, New locks are much stronger and easier to use, then most old locks.